Publications 1973 – 2016


 “One of the Venerators” (memorial tribute to Seamus Heaney), Sewanee Review (Winter  2014)

Four poems from “Maturity: A Work in Progress” (poetic sequence), Sewanee Review (Winter 2014)

“Flow” (poem), OnEarth (Summer 2012)

“Firewood and Ashes” (poetic sequence), Sewanee Review, (Winter 2012)

“Farewells” (poem),OnEarth (Winter 2012)

“Signals”(poem), Terrain (Fall/Winter 2010)

“Lunatic Angel” (review of Rita Dove’s Sonata Mulattica),
Shenandoah (Winter 2010)

“January First” (poem), Shenandoah (Winter 2010)

“Dropping into Awareness” (essay), Dharma Connection, 2010.

“About a Poem” (essay on Michael Longley),  Shambhala Sun (Fall 2009)

“In Sunlight and in Shadow” (review-essay on David Pierce and Richard Tillinghast),
Sewanee Review, vol. CXVII, no.4, (Fall, 2009): 665-669.

“33 RPM” (poem), Shenandoah, vol. 58, no. 1 (Spring/Summer 2008).

“Western New York, 2008” (poem), Cithara: Essays in the Judaeo-Christian              Tradition, vol. 48, no. 1 (November, 2008).

“A Buddhist Odyssey” (review-essay on Norman Fischer), Buddhadharma
(Winter 2008): 69-72.

“My Unexpected Teacher” (essay on Allen Ginsberg), Buddhadharma,
(Summer, 2008): 96.

“The Blue Mountain Poet” (review-essay on Kenji Miyazawa)
Buddhadharma (Fall 2007): 70-73.

“Dublin in July” (poetic sequence), Sewanee Review, vol.CXV, no. 3
(Summer 2007): 335-336.

“Explorer of the Wild Mind” (review-essay on Gary Snyder), Buddhadharma
(Spring 2007): 668-69.

“A Very Public Hermit” (review-essay on Thomas Merton), Shambhala Sun
(March 2007): 97-100.

“Not Yet” (essay), Shambhala Sun (September 2007): 33-34.

“Irondequoit, Oswego, Canisteo” (poem), On Earth, vol. 28, no.3 (Fall 2006).

“Action and Repose: Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Influence in the Poems
of Elizabeth Bishop.” The Hopkins Quarterly, vol. xxxiii, nos. 3-4
(Summer-Fall, 2006): 109-118.

“Words Where Thoughts Begin” (review-essay on Jane Hirshfield), Buddhadharma
(Summer 2006): 65-67.

“Expect Nothing” (essay on Peter Matthiessen), Buddhadharma (Spring 2006): 84.

“Audacious Ireland” (essay), Sewanee Review, vol. CXIV, no.3 (Summer
2006): 403-418.

“Therapeutic Forgetting” (review-essay), Sewanee Review, vol. CXIV, no. 3
(Summer 2006): li-liii.

“The Heaving Swell of History” (review), Sewanee Review (Summer 2006): lix-lxi.

“Elegy” (poem), Agenda, vol. 41, nos. 3-4 (Autumn/Winter 2005).

“Prune Kringle” (poem), Agenda, vol. 41, nos. 3-4.

“Why Did the Buddhadharma Come to Ireland” (essay), An Sionnach,
vol. 1, no. 2 (Fall 2005): 65-75.

“Leaving Tralee” (poem), The Recorder: The Journal of the
American Irish Historical Society, vol. 17, no. 1 (Summer 2004).

“We Must Labor to be Beautiful” (poem), The Formalist, vol. 15, issue 2 (2004).

“Holy Water” (poem), forthcoming, Sewanee Review, 2004.

“Leavings” (poem), forthcoming, Sewanee Review, 2004.
“Unexpected Affirmations: The Moral Vision of John Montague” (essay),
Well Dreams: Essays on John Montague, ed. Thomas Dillon
Redshaw, Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2004: 348-362.

“A Bow” (poem), On Earth: Journal of the National Resources
Defense Council) 26, (Summer 2004): 24.

“Leavings” (poem), Sewanee Review, vol. CXII, no. 2 (Spring 2004).

“Holy Water” (poem), Sewanee Review, (Spring 2004).

“A Belfast Contemplative” (essay on Michael Longley), Agenda (U.K.) 40: 384-395.

“Heartwood” (poem), Dharma Connection (journal of the Zen Center of Syracuse),
Fall 2003. Selected for Poetry Daily.

“Glass Flowers: The Art of Michael Longley” (essay), Shenandoah :The Washington   and Lee University Review , v. 53, no.3 (Fall 2003): 123-142.

“Still Life with Waterfall” (review), New Hibernia Review: A Quarterly Record of Irish Studies 7
(Summer 2003): 152-154.

“Habits” (poem), Prairie Schooner 77 (Spring 2003).

“Come and See” (poem), Poetry, August, 2002.

“Sentence” (poem), Poetry, August, 2002.

“Prose Should Be Transparent” (poem), Poetry, 90th Anniversary Issue,
(October-November 2002).

“For the Calvinists” (poem), The POETRY Anthology, ed. Joseph Parisi and Stephen Young, Ivan Dee, Publishers, 2002.

“Dark Pool”, sections I, III, IV, & VIII (poetic sequence), TriQuarterly 112
(Fall-Winter 2002): 18-22.

“Ceaseless Self-Invention” (review-essay on George Moore), Sewanee Review
CX (Winter 2002): xviii-xix.

“A Secular Believer: The Agnostic Art of Maxine Kumin” (essay), Shenandoah 52
(Summer 2002): 141-159.

“Knowing and Unknowing” (review-essay on Denise Levertov), Prairie Schooner 76
(Spring 2002): 171-177,

“Mysterious Crafts: The Figure of Printing in the Poems of Greg Delanty” (essay),
New Hibernia Review 6 (Spring 2002): 130-137.

“Jack and Jill” (poem), Poetry Ireland Review (Dublin, Ireland) 72, Spring 2002.

“Nameless” (poem), Poetry Ireland Review, Spring 2002.

“Ducked” (poem), Poetry Ireland Review, Spring 2002.

“A Voice of Restraint: The Short Fiction of William Trevor” (essay),
Shenandoah 51 (Winter 2001): 164-186.

“The Growing Poem” (poem), Shenandoah 51 (Summer-Fall 2001).

“A Wish” (poem), The Formalist 12/2 (2001).

“Visit” (poem), The Formalist 12/2 (2001).

“Early Music” (poem), Sewanee Review CIX (Fall 2001).

“Antidote” (poem), Sewanee Review (Fall 2001).

“Lincoln’s Hands” (poem), Voices in the Gallery, ed. Grant Holcomb,
University of Rochester Press, 2001.

“Break” (poem), Urban Nature: Poems about Wildlife in the City, ed. Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Milkweed Editons, 2000.

“Naming the Waters” (poem), The Amicus Journal, 2000.

“A Moment” (poem), The Amicus Journal, 2000.

“Elegy” (poem), Poetry Ireland Review 67, Winter 2000.

“Being Human: The Art of Hayden Carruth” (essay), Shenandoah, 50 (Winter 2000): 64-90.

“The Holy Alls” (poetic sequence), Sewanee Review, CVIII (Summer 2000): 332–339.

“River Song” (poem), Poetry Comes Up Where It Can: An Anthology (Poems from the Amicus Journal, 1990-2000). Ed. Brian Swann. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2000.

“The River’s Answer” (poem), Poetry Comes Up Where It Can.

“Winter Night” (poem), The Amicus Journal, 22 (Spring 2000).

“Secular and Sacred” (reviews of new books by Eamon Grennan, Kenneth Koch,
Peter Cooley, and James Kimbrell), Poetry, April 2000.

“Buffaloed and Beguiled: Reciprocal Visions of Ireland and America” (essay),
Sewanee Review CVIII (Winter 2000): 58-77.

“A Given Name” (poetic sequence), Cortland Review 8, multimedia online.

“The Swinging Door” (poetic sequence), Cortland Review 6.

“The Color Yellow: Versions of Decadence in the Recent Work of Derek Mahon” (essay), Shenandoah 49(Spring 1999): 148-162.

“A Patient Reader” (review-essay on Denis Donoghue’s The Practice of Reading),
Sewanee Review CVII, no. 2 (Spring 1999): 315-317.

“Morning in Beara” (poem), Chelsea 67 (1999): 124-131.

“Lessons” (poem), Chelsea 63 (1998).

“The High Studio at Yaddo” (poem), Chelsea 63.

“Yaddo Uniquely Conducive to Thought” (essay), Yaddo News, Winter 1998.

“Irish Voices” (reviews of books by John Montague, Eavan Boland, and Sean Dunne), Poetry, February 1998.

“Humane Letters” (essay on the epistolary tradition), The Iowa Review 28 (Spring 1998):

“Resilient Rondeaux” (essay), Sewanee Review CVI (Spring 1998): 359-369.

“The Evolving Art of Ciaran Carson” (essay), Shenandoah 48 (Spring 1998): 98-111.

Lines for the Makers (poetic sequence). Tangram Press (Berkeley, California), 1998.

“To the Word at the End of the Century” (poem), Edge City Review, 1999.

“Privacies” (poem), Edge City Review, 1999.

“Fidelities” (poetic sequence), Sewanee Review CVI (Spring 1998): 181-183.

“Shutters” (poem), Shenandoah 48 (Summer 1998).

“Callings” (reviews of books by Maxine Kumin and R.T. Smith), Poetry, June 1998.

“Encipherings” (poem), The Formalist 8 (1997).

“Tragedy Fully Explored: From The Rough Field to Belfast Confetti” (essay on John Montague and Ciaran Carson), New Hibernia Review 1 (Winter 1997): 19-27.

“The River’s Answer” (poem), The Amicus Journal 19 (Spring 1997). Featured on the website of the National Resources Defense Council.

“Across the Water” (poetic sequence), The Iowa Review 27 (Spring 1997): 174-175.

“Intrusions” (poem), The Formalist 8 (1997).

“Currencies” (poem), reprinted in Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry. First appeared in Shenandoah 45 (Fall 1995).

“Word and Spirit, Body and Soul” (review-essay), excerpts reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism, Gale Research, 1997.

Review of Linda Pastan’s The Imperfect Paradise, reprinted in DIScovery Authors-Modules (online), Gale Research, 1997.

“Shattered Glass” (review-essay on Anne Sexton), Contemporary Literary Criticism Online,
Gale Research, 1997. First appeared in Poetry, February, 1976.

Across the Water (chapbook), Tangram Press, 1996.

The Word from Dublin, 1944 (chapbook), Tangram Press, 1996.

“Forms and Discoveries” (reviews of books by Henri Cole, Michael Hartnett,
and Robin Skelton), Poetry, May, 1996.

“Forms and Discoveries” (reviews of books by Hayden Carruth, Robert Bly, and
Rita Dove), Poetry, March, 1996.

“The Pressure of Humanity” (review-essay on books by William Trowbridge,
Gregory Djanikian, and Paula Meehan), Shenandoah 46 (Spring 1996).

“Questions for Janus” (poem), Journal of Social and Engineering Systems 19 (1996).

“Volitions” (poem), Edge City Review 2/2 (1996).

“Armatures” (poem), Edge City Review 2/2 (1996).

“A Winter Fire” (sonnet sequence), Southern Humanities Review 29 (Summer 1995).

The Center of Attention (chapbook), Tangram Press, 1995.

“The Center of Attention” (poem), Chelsea 59 (1995): 194-202.

“Currencies” (poem), Shenandoah 45 (Fall 1995).

“History was their Home” (review-essay on the Gonne-Yeats correspondence),
Sewanee Review CIII (Spring 1995).

Spitting Forgiven (chapbook), Tangram Press, 1994.

“Spitting Forgiven” (poem), Seneca Review XXIV(Spring 1994): 69-80.

“The Word from Dublin, 1994” (poem), Sewanee Review CII (Spring 1994): 246-254.

“An Appetite for Wholeness” (review-essay on C. Day Lewis), Sewanee Review CII
(Winter 1994): iii-vi.

“Westward” (poem), Poetry, January, 1994.

The Mother Tongue (chapbook), Tangram Press, 1993.

Stone on Stone (chapbook), Tangram Press, 1993.

“Masters of Transience” (reviews of books by Mona Van Duyn, Donald Hall, C.K. Williams, and W.S. Merwin), Poetry, December, 1993.

“Articulating the Silences” (review-essay on Eavan Boland), Prairie Schooner (Spring 1993).

“Lydia Sails to Byzantium” (poetic sequence), Laurel Review 27 (Winter 1993).

“Secular Believers” (reviews of books by Czeslaw Milosz, Derek Mahon, James Richardson, and Eamon Grennan), Poetry, January, 1993.

“Gael and Gall” (review-essay on The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing), Sewanee Review CI (Winter 1993): 131-137.

“Sean O’Faolain: 1900-1991” (a tribute), Sewanee Review C (Spring 1992).

“Together and Apart” (reviews of books by John Logan, William Stafford, Gary Soto,
and Ciaran Carson), Poetry, April, 1992.

“Two Deer” (broadside), The Stone House Press, 1991.

“World and Spirit, Body and Soul” (reviews of books by Mary Oliver, Stephen Dobyns, Robert Morgan, and Jonathan Holden), Poetry, September, 1991.

“Another Shore” (review-essay on James Wright), Poetry, March 1991.

“In the Shadow of the Gasworks” (essay on Louis MacNeice), Sewanee Review XCIX
(Winter 1991): 61-76.

“Dublin in July” (poem), Sewanee Review XCVIII (Fall 1990).

“Old Men of Monaghan” (poem), Sewanee Review (Fall 1990).

“Letter from Ireland” (poem), Sewanee Review (Fall 1990).

“Arteries” (poem), Sewanee Review (Fall 1990).

“Articulation” (poem), Sewanee Review (Fall 1990).

“Ubi Caritas” (poem), Sewanee Review (Spring 1990).

“New Englanders” (reviews of books by Hayden Carruth, Philip Booth, others),
Poetry, August, 1990.

“Augustan Elegies” (poetic sequence), Prairie Schooner 64 (Summer, 1990).

“Letter” (poem), Prairie Schooner (Summer 1990).

Lute Music (chapbook), State Street Press, 1990.

“Fado” (poem), reprinted in The State Street Reader, ed. Judith Kitchen,
State Street Press, 1990.

“The Minor Poets: An Afterlife” (poem), Poetry, January, 1990.

“Places and Losses” (reviews), Poetry, September, 1989.

“Just Now” (poem), Poetry, September, 1989.

“Lute Music” (poem), Poetry, September, 1989.

“Elizabethan Dances” (poem), Poetry, March, 1989.

“Sabula” (poem), Poetry, July, 1989.

“For the Calvinists” (poem), Poetry, July 1989.

“Incarnate Lights” (reviews of books by Richard Wilbur, others), Poetry, May, 1989.

“In the Regions of Belief” (poem), Poetry, March, 1989.

“After the Coronachs” (essay on the younger poets of Northern Ireland),
Sewanee Review XCVII (Winter 1989): 56-72.

“Finding the World” (review-essay on Charles Tomlinson), Prairie Schooner 63
(Summer 1989): 119-126.

“Five Latitudes” (reviews), Poetry, September, 1988.

“The Makers” (poem), Midwest Quarterly, Summer, 1988.

“No Parking” (poem), The Kenyon Review X (Summer 1988).

“In Irishtown” (poem), The Kenyon Review, Summer, 1988.

“Because You Asked for a Bedtime Story,” reprinted in The Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry, 1987 edition. First appeared in Poetry, August, 1986.

“Lyric Memory” (essay on John Montague), The Iowa Review 17 (Summer 1987).

“Elegiac Cheer” (interview with John Montague, conducted jointly with Earl Ingersoll), The Literary Review, Fall, 1987.

“Loren Eiseley and the State of Grace” (essay), Prairie Schooner 61 (Fall 1987).

“Letters Mingle Soules” (article), The Syracuse Scholar 8 (1987): 5-22.

“Selective Laurels” (review-essay on recent Irish poetry), Sewanee Review (Summer 1987)

“Fiat Lux” (poem), The New England Review/Bread Loaf Quarterly X(Autumn 1987.

“Mississippi Snappers” (poem), The Amicus Journal, Summer, 1987.

“The Pressed Melodeon” (essay on modern Irish poetry), The Kenyon Review IX
(Winter 1987): 33-49.

“Clearing Out” (poem), Sewanee Review (Winter 1987).

“Signals” (poem), Sewanee Review (Winter 1987).

“Losing Ground” (poem), Prairie Schooner (Winter 1987).

“Home from Home” (essay on Derek Mahon), Prairie Schooner 60 (Fall 1986).

“Angel in Clay” (essay on Patrick Kavanagh), The Iowa Review (Fall 1986).

“Swarming” (poem), The Pennsylvania Review, Fall, 1986.

“Surfacing” (poem), The Pennsylvania Review, Fall, 1986.

“Because You Asked for a Bedtime Story” (poem), Poetry, August, 1986.

“Openings” (poem), New England Review/Bread Loaf Quarterly VIII (Summer 1986).

“Monaghan” (poem), New England Review/Bread Loaf Quarterly VIII (Summer 1986).

“Annaghmakerrig” (poem), New England Review/Bread Loaf Quarterly VIII (Summer 1986).

“Belfast in May” (poem), New England Review/Bread Loaf Quarterly VIII (Summer 1986).

“1985” (poem), Poetry, August, 1986.

“Near” (poem), The Kenyon Review VIII (Winter 1986).

“Clearing” (poem), The Kenyon Review VIII (Winter 1986).

“Remembering the Names” (poem), The Kenyon Review (Winter 1986).

“A Century of Literary Visitors and the Rise of the Alfred Lyceums” (essay),
A Sesquicentennial History of Alfred University, ed. Alan Littell,
Alfred University Press, 1986.

“Circlings” (poem), Men Talk, ed. Elliot Fried and Barry Singer,
Pacific House Press, 1985.

“Ante” (poem), The Georgia Review XXXIX (Summer 1985).

“Fair Exchange” (poem), Poetry, August, 1985.

“The Diver” (poem), reprinted in Strong Measures, ed. David Jauss and Philip Dacey,
Harper and Row, 1985.

“Midsummer” (review-essay on Derek Walcott), The Iowa Review, Fall, 1985.

“Last Things” (poem), The Midwest Quarterly XXVI (Summer 1985).

“Ghostly, Erotic Atmospheres” (review-essay on Peter Redgrove),
The Kenyon Review VII (Winter 1985): 124-128.

“Four Voices” (commentary on Weldon Kees), reprinted in Weldon Kees:
A Critical Introduction, Scarecrow Press, 1985.

“Georgia Poets’ Reading” (review), AWP Newsletter, Autumn, 1984.

“The Witness of Poetry” (review-essay on Czeslaw Milosz), The Iowa Review,
Fall, 1984.

“Fado” (poem), Poetry, July, 1984.

“Steady” (poem), Prairie Schooner 58 (Summer 1984).

“4 P.M.” (poem), Prairie Schooner 58 (Summer 1984).

“Cartographies” (poem), Poetry, July, 1984.

“Figures” (poem), The Georgia Review XXXVIII (Spring 1984).

“Floodgates” (poem), Prairie Schooner 57 (Spring 1983)

“The Keeper” (poem), Prairie Schooner 57 (Spring 1983).

“Near and Far” (review-essay on William Stafford), Prairie Schooner 57 (Winter 1983).

“Trailways Fantasist” (review-essay on Derek Walcott), Prairie Schooner 57 (Winter 1983).

“Lost Unities” (review-essay on E.L. Mayo), The Iowa Review 13 (Winter 1982).

“Overture” (poem), Poetry Miscellany 12 (1982).

“Visits” (poem), Poetry Miscellany 12 (1982).

“Lynx” (poem), reprinted in A Green Place, ed. William Jay Smith, Delacorte Press, 1982.

“Seeker After Law” (review-essay on Anthony Hecht), Prairie Schooner 56 (Winter 1982).

“Terror’s Ambassador” (review-essay on Ted Hughes), Parnassus 8 (Spring, 1981): 253-265.

“Brink” (poem), The Amicus Journal, Winter, 1981.

“Broken Themes of Praise” (review-essay on Geoffrey Hill), Prairie Schooner 54
(Winter 1980).

“Teeming Sweetness” (review-essay on Basil Bunting), Parnassus 8 (Fall/Winter 1979):169-183.

“Winter Doubt” (poem), New Jersey Poetry Journal, Fall, 1981.

“Chords and Keys” (reviews), Poetry, November, 1980.

“Residence” (poem), The Midwest Poetry Review 1 (Winter 1980-81).

“Intimations” (poem), The Midwest Poetry Review 1 (Winter 1980-81).

“Cause Unknown” (poem), The Midwest Poetry Review 1 (Winter 1980-81).

“The Woodsplitter” (poem), Prairie Schooner 54 (Fall 1980).

“Revisiting the Cloister” (poem), Prairie Schooner 54 (Fall 1980).

“Migration” (poem), Carolina Quarterly, Fall, 1980.

“Vocation” (poem), The Iowa Review, Spring-Summer, 1980.

“Departure” (poem), The Iowa Review, Spring-Summer, 1980.

“Span” (poem), Carolina Quarterly, Fall, 1979.

“R.S.V.P.” (poem), North American Review, Summer, 1979.

“Criminal” (poem), North American Review, Summer, 1979.

“Clarities” (poem), Carolina Quarterly, Fall, 1978.

“Winter Report” (poem), reprinted in The POETRY Anthology, ed. Daryl Hine
and Joseph Parisi, Houghton-Mifflin, 1978.

“Sluice” (poem), Poetry, February, 1978.

“British Wells” (review essay on eight modern British poets), Poetry, February, 1978,

“Two Deer” (a verse letter to Loren Eiseley), Poetry, August, 1977.

“Four Voices” (reviews), Poetry, August, 1977.

“Refuge” (poem), Poetry, August, 1977.

“Evidence of Movement” (poem), Poetry, December, 1976.

“Shattered Glass” (review-essay on Anne Sexton), Poetry, February, 1976.

“The Boar” (poem), Midwest Quarterly XVII (Summer 1976).

“Winter Report” (poem), Poetry, October, 1975.

“Noon” (poem), Poetry, 1975.

“Orion’s Crossing” (poem), Poetry, October, 1975.

“The Diver” (poem), Prairie Schooner, May, 1975.

“Gourd” (poem), Poetry, May, 1973.

“Naturalist, Feminist, Professor” (reviews of books by Loren Eiseley, Marilyn Hacker,
and Chad Walsh), Poetry, April, 1975.

“Incision” (poem), Poetry, May, 1974.

“Ice Leaf” (poem), Poetry, November, 1973.

“Seclusion” (poem), Poetry, July, 1973.

“The Granite” (poem), Poetry, March, 1973.

“Break” (poem), Poetry, March, 1973.

“Redwood” (poem), Poetry, March, 1973.


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